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Armand Żukowski vel Armata
- yachtmaster sail
- yachtmaster power
-- diver CMAS
- rescue WOPR
- sports instructor
White sails , gentle breezes , charming bay, sunbathing on the deck with a cool drink and a book , swimming and diving in the warm sea , unforgettable sunsets , evening gatherings in taverns climate , every day in other place of the coast.  Hotel conditions, experienced and friendly crew . Dream vacation at a comfortable sailing boat is what I propose to each of you . Welcome to the sea cruises in Croatia, Montenegro , Greece, the Balearic Islands , the Canary Islands , the Caribbean, and soon there will be new directions.

Armand Żukowski vel Armata
Sea sick?
It happens, just like colds on
skiing, " Pharaoh's revenge " in
Cairo , the warm beer in hot day.
It is certainly not a reason for
the resignation of a dream holiday!
I have no experiences,
will I manage?
Your job is to have fun. Captain has experiences and this is enough .
He takes care of the yacht and the crew. He can sail, guide you , lead to have fun ...
This kind of vacations are only sailing?
Is vacation on the seaside  only the beach ? The yacht is our house, which allows us to play in the water , mooving , relax ..... no no, it definitely is not just sailing !
I can`t swim....
You will learn  without stress and throwing to the water. In seawater you can just lie without flagging , and the captain is a patient swimming coach.
Isn`t sailing dangerous? What, if the boat tips over ?
Our priority is always safety! Yacht  do not fall over at any squall , and if the weather is disgusting , it's time to spend on sightseeing. In addition, the captain  have a lot of his own equipment and he will be very set if this stuff will soaked !
Do we plan any sea bathings?
Relax in the warm sea  is one of the basic points of the program.
What are the costs on the spot ?
Crew always creates  " yacht money " - a contribution to the purchase of food, harbour charges, fuel, sometimes for customs clearance if we go to another country , often with these money we pay the tourist tax .
In addition you have to plan money for alcoholic beverages , entrance fees , the cost of meals in restaurants or souvenir shopping . These costs vary and depend on the crew and the reservoir . Food is usually in european prices, sa well as fuel price. Each stop of the yacht in the harbour or marina will cost approx. 100 Eur / boat ( oridinary including access to electricity , water and toilets).
How looks typical  day on such  holiday ?
We start the day with a breakfast ,  usually on a yacht . Then we have coffee time and we start sailing to a next cool place , or stay where we are if it`s pleasant for us. After leaving harbour we sail ,  We have sunbath , relax , read books.... like on holiday . If it gets too hot , or if you just have a wish , we stop for a swim and then continue our trip . Sometimes we go 2 hours . another time 8 hours . In the evening, we walk on new places , visit the local attractions and taverns . And so every day until the checkout of  yacht.
How is our  life on board organized?
All crew members have their place in the 2 -person cabins. Everyone has their own bed linen and towels. On each yacht are min . 2 toilets with showers , hot water and nearly normal toilet. At the stern is a shower to rinse off the salt water after sea baths . In the living room we have a sound system , sometimes TV and Wi - Fi . Living room is usually iconnected to the galley - a fully equipped kitchen (including min . 3 - ring hob , oven and sink ) . The organization of life on a yacht captain discusses in first evening.
More informations you will find
You're single , you don`t have a group ...
Excellently! You will have chance to meet new people. It is always interesting.
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